The University of Fast


︎Creative, Design


To launch the new Adizero PRO, we created a mysterious Anime-style trailer (and teasers) that foretold the launch of the University of Fast. We intentionally kept the trailer vague, implying  the launch of a film, or a shoe, or something.  

We then revealed that both the Japanese sage/shoemaker and secret weapon - the shoe - were in fact real. (There was initially a much deeper, intricate launch/PR plan, but in classic client-esque madhousery, it fell apart at the eleventh hour. If we meet in person, we’d be happy to talk about it.) 

Regardless, after the successful reveal, we then launched a suite of Insta polls / competitions / film posters and more content, all tying into our University of Fast concept. 

Film posters, Insta polls, UGC competitions, design elements, etc etc